Thursday, October 30, 2014

CCM (Centro de Capactiacion Misional)

Hola familia y amigos!!

I got all your emails and read all of them but I only get uno hora of computer time on pdays so I really don't have time to write. And these are Spanish keyboards so this email is going to be really sloppy. but,,, i know you cant write me letters and dear elder doesn't work either but there is this website called MISSIONARYPACKAGE.COM and you can type me a letters and they get to me the next day here. you can also send me Krispy Kremes :) please put this on facebook or wherever because it makes me sad when the other misonarios get mail i don't get anything. :( and it will be easier for me to write more of you that way. so the MTC here is actually called the CCM standing for Centro de Capactiacion Misional. translating to- Center of training missionaries. and you have to say it with Spanish letters, ce, ce, eme. ha. So the ccm IS THE HARDEST THING OF MY LIFE. oh my gosh. the first day i contemplated suicide. the rides were horrible because i was so sick and then my flight in Houston was delayed because of maintenance issues, so i had to sit in an airport by myself. when i arrived in mexico i met up with 7 other missionaries. 4 elders 3 hermanas. the two men who picked us up only spoke Spanish and just held a sign saying CCM and the packed us into a large white van. i was scared for my life. i got to know the other missionaries really well because it took like 40 minutes to get to the ccm. and it is legit the ghetto here. so scary. and the traffic is even scarier. we finally arrived at the ccm. we dropped off our luggage at the door and went straight into an orientation. there was probably about 25 new missionaries. we got a bag and a folder with a bunch of stuff in it. a ton of Spanish books and the folder had all our important info, branch, zone, district, companion, house number, classroom, schedule. it was really over whelming. and even more over whelming, everybody speaks Spanish here. as in like workers, employees, teachers. they're all native to mexico.. after orientation we had to go find our casa y clase. and the campus here is huge. but very beautiful and very well kept. right when we got here we had no time to unpack because we had to straight to  a class. my Maestro is Hermano Guerrero and he is a pretty cool cat. my district (class) has four elders and 4 hermanas. i room with all the girls in class in mi casa, 18. my companion is from West Jordan Utah, Hermana Ingleby. and other roommates are from Idaho y Alaska. our schedule is so packed. class and studying from 730 to 930 everyday except Sundays. Sundays are nice and more layed back. we have no classes just devotionals and study. so the first day of class they told us we would be teaching an investigator the next day, IN SPANISH. yeah i thought about coming home right then and there. its crazy how much i learned in the first two days because i had to and our maestro only speaks Spanish to us. everytime you talk to someone here it needs to be in Spanish. every time you pray, its needs to be in Spanish. it basically the hardest thing of my life. its even harder when you and your companion don't get along.
our investigators name is Lenina. shes 24, single, from mexico, and only speaks Spanish. we've taught her 5 times. the first 4 times were really tough. but the 5th time, the 5th time was amazing. at first we would just have to write down our lesson in Spanish and read it. but by the last lesson we were just able to speak and understand her without having to read. the spirit was really there and it was awesome. they say the first week is the hardest so hopefully it goes up from here. seeing all the elders here reminds me of Elder Giles y Elder Robertson. i know that they are just doing such cool things out there in the field. all the hermanas im writing with in the lab are crying because they miss there families. but im not.. i dont really miss my family that much yet. i just miss being able to watch my little brother play football. and i wonder what Loni is doing now shes home. but i really miss Celly. every night in bed i wish i had Celly. and i really miss music because we never listen to any music here at all. i got to bed at 1030 every night and wake up at 630 but i still get really tired during the day. especially during T.A.L.L ( technology assistive language learning) its really boring. my favorite time is gym time. we get gym time everyday for and hour and i love it. also breakfast, lunch, and dinner are my favorite times. pictures are coming soon!

Yo se que el evangelio de jesucristo es verdadero y que misonarios son llamda de dios sevvir para el seƱor. yo se que jose smith y thomas s. monson son profetas y son llamao a ayudanos. creo la iglesia pude su vida. yo se que pare celestial solucion nuestros oracion.

Pictures of me and my district at the CCM!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Made it to Mexico!

I have arrived! Im still sick, but the nurses here took care of me right away. The plane rides sucked really bad. <Especially since I'm sick. My pdays are Thursdays!! Its very ghetto here. And everybody only speaks spanish. love you all

Hermana Lowry
03-12-2014  4C
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

This is my address but don't send me anything because i wont get it.

 Loni trying to unpack and Toni trying to pack!
 Get one home and send one off!
Saying goodbye at the airport!