Monday, January 11, 2016

Conroe Baptisms

This week I was able to go back and visit Conroe for two baptisms!
Paulina and Milton. Paulina's baptism was really special for me
because out of all the baptisms I've had on my mission she is the only
one I've found knocking doors. Me and Hermana Christensen found her in
October. And she let us right in. BEST FEELING. I was so happy to see
her baptized.
Also Milton was finally baptized, the one who had his wedding in
November with Gabby, a member.
My best friend took me up to Conroe, Sister. Bulnes. She is from
Honduras and she is like my favorite member. It's like an hour long
drive there so we got to talk and it was awesome. She was my companion
for the day while my companion stayed in Houston. She put on my big
fluffy coat because she's making fun of me.


So if y'all remember, last week I told y'all how hot it was here, and
it was. But then we we had this  freak drop of like 50 degrees and now
it's freezing. And also if you remember, all my coats and jackets are
lost/stolen/missing so I froze and had to go by a coat and fleece
Of course it's not as cold as Utah and there's not snow, but the
difference is that in Utah, it's a dry cold, so you can just bundle up
with more clothes and you get warmer. Here, it's humid cold, so it
doesn't matter how many layers you put on, you don't get warmer. I'm
so grateful for the boots I got for Christmas because I wear them

So we are finally starting to pick up the area. We have two amazing
families we are teaching. One in the Spanish ward and one in the
English ward. Frank and his two kids are scheduled to be baptized at
the end of the month. And nelly and her family are amazing! They are
progressing so well. We just started teaching them last week and they
are already reading in the Bom and they all came to church yesterday
and loved it. She has three kids. They are so cute. The youngest one,
Jaelin, loves me and made me a necklace and drew a picture of

I have lots of new year goals! Mostly just to lose weight, but other
mission and spiritual goals too:) hope y'all had a safe new year! I
got to drink some fake champagne, watch meet the Mormons, and go to
sleep at 10 so #lame 🤓

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time!

So there is only one time in the whole year we get together as a whole
entire mission and that's the Christmas conference! It is the best.
It's all day and we just sing and eat and watch movies.

Here is the one and only perfect Mortensen family.

So many wonderful amazing things this week. First, last Tuesday I got
to go on exchanges to my fist area in the mission, bear creek. It was
the best. I got to see some of my converts and member friends. The
first picture on here is of a this girl that I found with hermana
coley in March. She was baptized in June and she is going to go on a
mission! She is so excited, and so am I! The next picture is of the
Alcaraz family. The first investigator family that I ever taught on my
mission. They were so excited to see me. I surprised them! The
daughters and mom are baptized, but we still have to work with the dad
and the boys to be baptized so one day they can be sealed! Wednesday
was the Christmas conference and I sent a separate email for that.
Then on Thursday we had a Christmas Eve dinner with my mission mom,
Claudia Alvarez and her friends and family. She has known me my whole
mission and is always taking care of me. I love her like my own
mother! So much food. We ate so much, 3 dinners. Then on Friday,
Christmas, we had district meeting, the picture with the tree. But
most importantly I got to skype with my FAMILY! Yay😄 it was wonderful
to see them. I got to see Vince who was skyping in from Japan, and I
meet my brotherinlaw for the first time..I was skyping outside to get
wifi and it was so hot I was sweating. It was 85degress. On Christmas!
I was jealous of the snow back home. But I am also grateful that I
don't have to tract in that. And we ate with a white family on
Christmas from the English ward and they gave us a complete American
meal and it was the best day of my life, I almost cried.
Then on Saturday, we had the baptism of Efrain! He is a little boy
that the hermanas had been teaching. I only got to teach him a couple
times but he's cute.

This week I am ponderizing 2 Nefi 10:23

Feliz año nuevo!