Tuesday, September 29, 2015


On Saturday we helped our investigator get ready for her quinceanera we
spent hours working outside setting it up and it was so hot (no it's
not fall here yet) thats why i look so ratchet. 

The rest of the week wasn't that great. Except for conference Saturday
was sooooo amazing. President Uchtdorf's talk changed my life. His
talks are always my favorite. But it really was exactly what I needed.
I invite everyone to listen to it. So you know what I'm talking about
because I don't have my notes with me:(

Our investigator francelia is awesome. She is progressing really well.
She is on track for baptism next month. She has been to church twice
and she even said the prayer in class last time:) we love her!

I would like to commit all of you to invite someone who is not a
member to watch General Conference because #livingprophetsareawesome

Monday, September 21, 2015

11 months

I've learned in these LONG 11 months that i will never, ever eat hispanic food again. that's all i have to say.

me and my companion are staying together another transfer so yay! this is my 9th transfer in the mission.. whooooo 

our week was really really hard but we also saw a lot of miracles. we found a lot of prepared people. 

our investigators Francelia and her family come to church this past sunday and are going to be baptized in october. we also have another family scheduled to be baptized in october and another in november, pray for them please!
Reina, Sherly, Francelia, Esmeralda, Kathy, Amy, Leticia

elder louder, one of the assistants to the president shared something really cool in our district meeting about boats. in Mark 4 Jesus tells his apostles that they will make it to through the water. he promises them they will make it to the land. but he doesn't say they will not be any storms. the boat is like the mission. the land is like the end. then, when the storms come, the apostles start freaking out and say, "master, carest thou not that we perish?" (because sometimes on the mission we feel like we are going to die of trials) Jesus says, "why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?" it really touched me because Jesus can calm the seas and he doesn't expect us to do this work on our own. siempre necesitamos mas fe..

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


this past week was such a blur i can't even recall what happened. we found a lot of new investigators and had a lot of lessons. but we are having a lot of trouble getting help from the ward members and getting our investigators to assist church. if you could please fast and pray for us so i don't pull out all my hair it would be greatly appreciated. also pray for my sanity being a sister training leader because i have some aposs sisters in my zone and i dont know what to do to fix it. serious estres.
transfers next week!

we literally cooked and ate this whole fish..honduran style

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

El espirtu nos guia

We had an amazing week her in conroe. the work is really progressing and i love it. i don't want to spend too much time writing you today because the Barrera family is taking to us to Texas Road House and i haven't been there for 11 months! im so stoked. 

so this past week i had my first MLC meeting. (missionary leadership conference) It is were the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are trained by President and his assistants and then we take what we learn and have to train the rest of the missionaries in the zones. it is very very long and spiritually over whelming ha. then i had the opportunity to teach 20 other missionaries what i learned, in spanish. ha so i was super stressed this week. but it was very edifying!

so this week were were looking for some less actives and referrals in this little town called Cut n' Shoot. basically it is like a KKK compound. very scary. in this town, if the trees on somebodys property are painted purple, it means you cant go past them, and if you do they have every right to shoot you. yepp. i have pictures attached.

the miracle this week was for sure yesterday. we had three set citas(appointments) in the morning before church with some investigators. we got a member to come out with us for all of them. we went to the first cita and she said she was busy and didn't let us in. so we went to our back up and they weren't home, then we went to our next set cita and they were there but didn't answer the door. then we went to our next back up and they also didnt let us in. and this happened to like 6 houses. i was discouraged and didn't know what was going on. we had a member with us and weren't having any success. we decided to go to one more potential. somebody that my comp found while i was on exchanges. we went to their apartment complexes and turns out they gave us a phony address because the # of apartment didn't exist. i was done ha. but the member we were with says, i feel like i have a friend that lives in these apartments but I'm not sure. this friend was really close with her, she actually lived with her for a year and had listened to missionaries before. but then she moved out into her own place and never gave the member the address. when we were driving out of the complex she saw her friends car parked in front of one of the buildings in the complex. i had the feeling that we could knock on all the doors in that building to find her but i didn't say anything. my companion and the member also had the same feeling but nobody said anything. when we were literally driving out of the complex, the member looked back at the buildings and she saw her friend sitting on her balcony. we ended up going back and teaching her and her boyfriend she lives with. my companion that morning had found a video by holland about the sacrament that we shared. turns out that the member we were with had watched that same video in the morning when she woke up. so much spirittttt. that hermana bore her testimony in sacrament meeting about how she knew why none of the the other citas worked out because the Lord knew where we needed to be. super cute.
Let the holy spirit guide!


so this past week was good, not too much to say. we still are working with all the investigators we found. we set three baptism dates with the reyes family.
i had a leadership meeting and went on exchanges.
we ran our of money this last week so we starved to death and actually asked the neighbors for milk for our cereal haha.. poor problems.
we had stake conference yesterday and it was really good. it was a flash back to the last stake conference i had when i was new in the mission and i couldnt understand anything that was said but this time i understood all the the talks and i was so happy. they spoke about the equation
la fe + la accion = un testimonio
i also got to see some people from my old, old area bear creek. some of my recent converts and some less actives i helped reactivate. i was super good to see them. some of my recent converts were even singing in the choir:)

also yesterday we were knocking doors in a sketchy place and we walked up to a door and a lady was like screaming bloody murder for someone to help her. we didnt know what to do. so we tried to open the door to help her and she had a huge pitbull barking at us so we couldnt go in. so we had to call the police. they came and it was a super obese lady that was trying to lift  weights on a bench bar and she got stuck under the bar and couldnt get out. hahahahha so nothing cool but we probably saved her life.

me and my companion really love taking selfies. and i just dont want you guys to forget what i look like because ive been gone for so long:) ipads arent the best idea for missionaries..(:
also are temple wall in the apartment and olive garden with the barreras! first non-hispanic food ive had in months, had to document it.