Tuesday, September 8, 2015


so this past week was good, not too much to say. we still are working with all the investigators we found. we set three baptism dates with the reyes family.
i had a leadership meeting and went on exchanges.
we ran our of money this last week so we starved to death and actually asked the neighbors for milk for our cereal haha.. poor problems.
we had stake conference yesterday and it was really good. it was a flash back to the last stake conference i had when i was new in the mission and i couldnt understand anything that was said but this time i understood all the the talks and i was so happy. they spoke about the equation
la fe + la accion = un testimonio
i also got to see some people from my old, old area bear creek. some of my recent converts and some less actives i helped reactivate. i was super good to see them. some of my recent converts were even singing in the choir:)

also yesterday we were knocking doors in a sketchy place and we walked up to a door and a lady was like screaming bloody murder for someone to help her. we didnt know what to do. so we tried to open the door to help her and she had a huge pitbull barking at us so we couldnt go in. so we had to call the police. they came and it was a super obese lady that was trying to lift  weights on a bench bar and she got stuck under the bar and couldnt get out. hahahahha so nothing cool but we probably saved her life.

me and my companion really love taking selfies. and i just dont want you guys to forget what i look like because ive been gone for so long:) ipads arent the best idea for missionaries..(:
also are temple wall in the apartment and olive garden with the barreras! first non-hispanic food ive had in months, had to document it.

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