Tuesday, September 29, 2015


On Saturday we helped our investigator get ready for her quinceanera we
spent hours working outside setting it up and it was so hot (no it's
not fall here yet) thats why i look so ratchet. 

The rest of the week wasn't that great. Except for conference Saturday
was sooooo amazing. President Uchtdorf's talk changed my life. His
talks are always my favorite. But it really was exactly what I needed.
I invite everyone to listen to it. So you know what I'm talking about
because I don't have my notes with me:(

Our investigator francelia is awesome. She is progressing really well.
She is on track for baptism next month. She has been to church twice
and she even said the prayer in class last time:) we love her!

I would like to commit all of you to invite someone who is not a
member to watch General Conference because #livingprophetsareawesome

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