Monday, March 16, 2015

Time flies when... go on exchanges everyday of your life. I was super excited to get Hna. Coley as my companion because she's awesome but i never get to see her because we are always on exchanges! Im being selfish, because i know other hermanas really need her too. So this transfer is going by way too fast! I hope we get another one togther. 

This past week I got a St. Patricks day package from Gia, my moms friend. Shes amazing! she also sent me some cool black and white pictures of my mom in high school when she did rodeo. She looks so cool! I going to treasure those pictures.

This last week I have gained a testimony about our mission statement here. it is,
Our discipleship is settled. We are faithfully prepared, exactly obedient, and loving bold. We will see miracles and accomplish our missionary purpose as we unite with the lord in hastening his work. We are the Texas Houston Mission."
 I have learned this past week that when we are not obedient, the Lord cannot help us and we do not receive His blessings. I know as I do the Lords work correctly, he will then help me. I know when my investigators are not keeping their commitments, the blame lands on me. I wish I could be a better missionary for my investigators so they can know the importance of this restored everlasting gospel. I am so grateful for the Savior's atonement, he has already overcame my imperfections and through Him i can become better, more Christ-like, and obtain heavenly strength to teach God's children. 

This sunday we had the temple tour and i got to take my little boys that are getting baptized on the 28th. i have been teaching them since december. they had so many questions and were so great. they look black but they are really just from honduras, they are really dark skinned people there.

from left
Issac is 10 (he loves me)
Samir is 12 
Claudio is 11

in the next picture, the big kid is Derek he is their friend that started listening to the lessons with them and he is super smart and so interested! the first lesson he said he wanted to be baptized. but his mom will not let him:( please pray that his mom has a change of heart so he can be baptized too!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hate Rain

So I have a totally different kind of hate for rain here because hispanics refuse to leave their house when its raining! It is the most ridiculous thing. So we only had 1 investigator at church yesterday when we should of had 6 because we have 6 baptismal dates! Well actually we have 10 now because we set 4 more last night:) but these dates will never happen if the people dont come to church!!! its super frustrating. But we did have another reactivation this sunday so that was awesome. 

So this past week I went on 3 different exchanges. It was interesting. Basically im never with my real companion. Last tuesday I was with Hna. Perry. Last wednesday i was with Hna. Clement and Last friday i was with Hna. Christensen who is brand new in the mission so that was fun! they all came here to my area and Hna. Coley left so it was really stressful and i didnt like it. I felt quite inadequate to be running the area by myself. 

My spanish is coming along, but not fast enough. i still always wish i knew more. not much else has really happened this last week. i got a package from my grandma lowry with fudge and pistachios. first of all, pistachios are my favorite food in the world, and if you ever want me to be happy just send me pistachios. and my grandmas homemade fudge is the best thing ever and im going to get way more fat. 

All is ask is please keep on praying and fasting for my investigators, especially the ones that have dates right now. because the closer they get to baptism, the harder satan works. 
You are all awesome and i love you so so much. :)

Sorry, no pictures untill i lose 50 pounds:) Tenga un buen dia! But me and Hermana Coley did get matching bracelets that say eternidad (eternity) :) 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For

So remember how last week i said i went on exchanges with my sister training leader and it was awesome and i was hoping she could be my next companion? well she is ha! i was so happy. i guess president had decided even before transfers that she would come over to me. so she came to my area bear creek, and she is really helping pushing the work forward! she is higher our goals like crazy. also, so since we are losing a lot of missionaries and not receiving anymore, we got assigned over an english ward along with our spanish ward. i was not excited. super stressed! it is double the work, and working with english people is weird. and we have to go to double the meetings. 

So being companions with a leader is not all that great no matter how much i love Hna. Coley. They are really busy and there is a lot of meetings, phone calls, and exchanges. so its diffucult!

but, i dont even care, because since hna. coley has been here for the past 5 days, we have 6 baptismal dates! actually we set them all on saturday! With Claudia and her 3 boys. and we set with The two Alcaraz girls, Vanessa and Amanda! Not alfredo yet, he said give him 6 months!! yeah right. but any ways, im going to be having some baptisms soon!

we tried to invite Miguel Angel for Baptism but he says he wants to learn more first:/

Also this sunday we had a reactivation, Lizbeth Luna who hasnt been to church in 6 years, she has now come the past 3 weeks, i was so happy:)

I feel like this past week has been so busy with so many things but i cant really even remember anything right now! im just really tired ha. but im super happy and learning a lot and loving everything. i miss you guys. my best friend Terra is getting married. im sad i wont be there, but her and derek are the cutest couple ever so whatever. I am saving souls here so i win! 

ha i love the lords work:)