Friday, August 28, 2015

Fireside in the Dark

So a lotttt happened this past week in conroe..

I dont really expect anybody to understand most of this unless you served a mission but it was an awesome week. so like i said when i got here there was not a lot of work, like nobody to teach or visit. so we have been doing a lot of just finding which has really sucked because its hotter than sin here. but the Lord has blessed us so much for our efforts. so in this mission, a good week you find like 2-5 new investigators. this past week we found 21 new investigators that we started teaching. our president couldnt even believe it. he shouted us out at zone conference ha. but it was not us, the Lord has prepared these people and literally like threw them at us. 

so on tuesday our car broke down and it wouldnt start and we said a prayer and it barely made it to mechanic. when we got there the person asked how we got it there, i said we prayed and then they laughed at us. Oh ye of little faith! so for the day we werent going to have our car so we could of just stayed there any waited or gone out and walked. we decided to just see how much work we could do and the lord blessed us abundantly.

One family we found, well actually they found us, we were knocking doors and nobody was answering of course, and this little girl from across the street comes up to and says "my mom was wondering if you guys taught about the bible" we were like yeah, then she was like, can you come over to our house and teach our family? hahah bendiciones. it is a family of 7. they loved our message and when we came back they had all read and prayed. and they all want to be baptized. 

so after our car was finally fixed we drove to this refferal we had and when we got there the said to us, "i have been waiting for you for 5 months. i want church studies for me and my whole family."
so we taught them twice last week and they came to church yesterday! 

we also found lots of other cool people that i just dont have time to right about right now.

we also had zone conference this week and a missionary fireside. but the power we out at the church for some reason so we had no mic, no air and no lights. it was awesome. 

i also had the opportunity on saturday to go to the temple for baptisms with my two new recent converts from gulf bank, claudia and erik, pictures attached:) it was very special! 

i love my companion so much. she is so awesome. 
with being a sister training leader i just have a lot of meetings and stuff but its good. i helps me be a better missionary ha.

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