Monday, August 10, 2015

Erik's Baptism!

I just have so much to say, my heart is full. My last week in Gulf Bank has been amazing.
So first, last monday i got to go shopping at the mall and that made me happy. after, we taught a bomb first lesson to some new investigators. the dad told us "thank you for bringing peace into my home" its not us, its the spirit!
on tuesday i went on exchanges with hna. jorgensen and we taught a awesome first lesson to this cutest kid Jesus. he is golden!
on friday we had an awesome zone meeting and learned some new better ways of teaching. after we went and did some service at the food bank.
so crazy miracle story about Erick getting baptized. so the whole process has been super fast. like a 3 week baptism preparation. so we had been going over like everday to teach him all the lessons he needed before his interview. so on thursday we were going over the baptism interview questions with him to help prepare him before his interview, and one of the questions is if your are on probation or have commited a crime. hes only 17 so i didnt think about this before, but he was like yes. i thought he was kidding. but he really is on probation for a year! i was like freaking out because that means he cant be interview by just our district leader, but president has to do it and call salt lake headquarters and get permission and that stuff. president said that we would probably have to wait another week for the baptism because he didnt know when he would hear back. and i was soo sad because im leaving the area. i was praying with all my heart that he would be able to baptized this week. the missionary department in salt lake called him back quicker than he thought and said it was fine for him to be baptized. i was soooo happy. God answered by prayers so quickly. we had the baptism on sunday and after we went to the temple. this has probably been my favorite baptism so far because he just worked so hard, well we all just worked so hard to get him to the waters of baptism. but i know it was the Lord pushing us and helping us the whole way.
i am so sad to leave my area because i am just so attached to all my investigators and english class students:( it is hard to leave. my new area is called Conroe. I will send the address later. im also super nervous because its my first time getting a companion that has less time than me in the mission. :/ everything is just super stressful.

My English Class

My class took me to breakfast on my last day!

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