Wednesday, January 14, 2015

First Transfer Done

so i have completed my first transfer which means nothing for me because im in my 12 week training so i am still in the same area with the same comp for another 6 week transfer. which is great because i love bear creek and i never want to leave. not until i see at least one of my investigators get baptized! so but this past week i set my first baptismal dates with Elaine and Rolando! for january 31. which is great, but if they dont come to church we cant keep this date:( all i want is for somebody to come to church!!!!! geez, its so difficult here right now because seriously in texas, people dont leave their house when its cold. They just dont leave! its the strangest thing. even active members will stay home from church if its too cold
its funny because every house we go to they all offer us coffee or tea, and when we say no, they give us hot chocolate, and its funny because i hattteee hot chocolate, its makes me sick. and you cant say no to people here and you have to drink it all! ugh its horrible. a lot of lessons this week but not as much contacting, because its freezing and nobody is outside.
oh i almost forgot! this past week we needed to go on exchanges with our sister training leader, hermana diez, she is from honduras. so usually, i would go with her, and her companion would go with my trainer. because i have only been her a month and so has her companion. but hermana diez cant drive and neither can i, sooo my trainer had to go with her and me and hermana parslow were put together. both brandnew white girls from utah that suck at spanish! i was so afraid. because i had to lead the area. so basically we took a member with us to our lessons that spoke spanish and english so she could help us ha. and it ended up being alright. i was praying so hard this day. maybe one day ill be able to drive! and this next sunday me and my district are singing at a spanish fireside so pray for us ha!

well i have to go but thank you for all your prayers and support, i love you all sooooo much!

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