Monday, January 5, 2015

I have the best sister in the whole world and I love her:)

so awkward moment when last monday was my sisters birthday and i forgot! Sorry LonBon. hope you had a great 21st, you are so supportive and helpful i love you!

Pues, two weeks ago it was all about contacts here and finding new investigators. now its all about lessons. we found like 8 to 10 new investigators this past week. so that means i taught the restoration like a million times. its so powerful! i also invited two more families to be baptized in my broken spanish. when the spirit is there, they just cant say no! so many miracle lessons. so we have a lot of investigators right now, but no progressing investigators because none of them come to church:/ it is the most upsetting thing when you invite like 15 people to church that week and then on sunday you just wait for at least one to show up, and no one does:( so ive really been trying to study about the doctrine of the sabbath day and promised blessing from keeping this commandment for our investigators and less actives. if any of you return missionaries or active missionaries want to help me out with some ideas thatd be great, just write me:) 
with my spanish, i can understand almost everything now, but speaking is a different story. i am great with gospel words and phrases which is good for lessons. but i just need to know so much more im really impatient. But I already know The Lord has blessed me so much with the language and I am so grateful for the gift of tongues.
its still freezing here and im super over it. ive been in the mission field a month now! dont worry, it only feels like TEN YEARS.... :) i dont know why time is going by so slow, probably because this is the hardest thing i have done in my whole life. Pues, transfers are next week, which means nothing to me because when you are being trained, you stay in the area for 12 weeks, or two transfers, which im super happy about because i love Bear Creak area!

congrats to Brade for being a great wrestler and good luck to Loni at BYU this semester:) love you all! thanks so much for your support and prayers:)

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