Monday, October 26, 2015

El Espiritu Santo

yesterday was just a very spiritual day.
in sacrament meeting our two recent converts received the holy ghost. and then the bishop gave an amazing talk about the gift of the holy ghost very similar to President Eyring's talk from conference.
our other investigators that were at church Reina and Sherly that will be getting baptized here in the next upcoming weeks, loved it and are so excited to also get the holy ghost. 
last night we had a missionary Why I believe Fireside. they are super awesome. its a fireside for investigators or people learning about the church. and the recent converts share their testimonies and the missionary choir sings and our president and his wife speak. they are the best. so so spiritual usually everybody cries. so they had three recent converts already picked out to speak. one was Claudia Guzman. my recent convert from my last ward! i was so excited. but one of the other people speaking didnt show about 5 minutes before the fireside started, our recent convert francelia, who was just confirmed a member of the church that morning, was asked to speak. she was so nervous she didnt even know how to do a testimony. we helped her and it was amazing. she shared her experience she had about a year ago. she had a dream of two muchachas knocking on her door and her letting them in. and how that was us a year later! it was so beautiful. i almost cried, but i dont do that. 
I also had a really amazing study this morning about the Holy Ghost. how he is who purifies and sanctifies us. so this week i am ponderizing;

I've also started my 6 months to sexy..because ive gotten extremely fat on my mission. so im bound to eating this for the rest of my mission.

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  1. Love the spirit of the mission. Beautiful. Loved the dream your convert had. Amazing but happened to my mum in a similar dream many moons ago, like a zillion but happened and it was amazing. Love you Hermana Lowry.
    Maureen Olsen