Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Twins, cats, and hurricanes!

So at the first of my mission I started the Book of Mormon in English and also the Doctrine and Covenants, I'm happy to say a year later, i finally finished them ha! i have read the Book of Mormon in Spanish twice on my mission but it took me a while to do it in English.. but I love the Book of Mormon so much. I learn so much each time I read it. Also the Doctrine and Covenants is my favorite because most of it is the words of Jesus Christ talking directly to us. 
now time to start again! :)

here is autumn in Texas for you. two weeks ago, it was still about 90-100 degrees everyday. then last week we had a little hurricane come through and it hasn't stopped raining. but its still not cold. it wont cool down until like December..

this week im ponderizing Romans 5:19

our ward mission leader took us out to texas road house!

also one time when we were knocking doors a cat just ran up and jumped on me..my companion took a picture instead of saving me.so this past week was so crazy, busy, stressful!!
I had a Missionary Leadership Council. and then I had to plan for a zone meeting to train some missionaries. that is always the most stressful thing! it went well. 

also, they have asked me to teach a language study program every friday to the spanish missionaries in the district. haha i dont know why because my spanish sucks. the Lord has a sense of humor. also i went on two exchanges this week. and on saturday we had to be in at 6 pm instead of 9 so we did a lot of role playing with the elders to practice. so it made the week go by fast. 

on friday we had a fall activity with the ward and it was awesome. it was a trunk or treat. in our room we had a doughnut game. it was way too much fun ha. my comp and I dress up as twins:) we had the same shirt, skirt, shoes, and watch! ha you cant really do much of anything to dress up as missionaries.

yesterday in church our recent convert who is 8 bore her testimony and it was the most tender thing ever. everyone was crying. 

transfers are tomorrow! hermana christensen is leaving and i will be staying in conroe..

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