Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Baptisms and Birthdays

So we had a really eventful week. Last Tuesday we had a mission
conference with general authority, Elder packer(son of President
Packer) that was an all day conference that just gave me a headache
really. Mostly just chastisement. As missionaries, we usually don't
get praised, we just get told how we can do better. :) it's awesome.

Friday was a fantastic day ha.. So we had the ward thanksgiving party
and it was also elder Hernandez birthday. So something about the
Hispanic culture is every time it's someone's birthday you have to get
your face shoved in the cake.. You just have to. Every birthday I've
been to on my mission someone gets get cake in there face. So nobody
else in the party knew it was elder Hernandez birthday except for me
so I skeemed up an evil plan. I went around and told everyone it was
his birthday so they all started singing, and then I brought out a
cake and pushed his face into it. It was a fun and games until he
picked up the cake off the plate and put it all over my face! It was a
huge mess. And not super fun to clean up the church floor.

And then Saturday, FINALLY the baptism! It was so fun. I've been
waiting forever.. Probably one of my favorite baptisms so far because
for the musical number, are recent convert of like two weeks,
Esmeralda who is 8 and Sherly who is 10 sang and it was the most
precious thing ever! It was my pride and joy.

Also it was my little friend Andrea's birthday so we had cake for her
too las Monday.
Alsooo it's my 13 month mark of that means anything. Solo me faltan
cinco meces!

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