Monday, November 30, 2015

Obesity, Hispanics, and Weddings

So I don't think I could ever say enough how happy I am to be serving
a Spanish mission. I looovvveee it. I love the Hispanic people. They
are amazing, and mostly they throw the best parties and they now how
to cook and dance. And they love everybody who is white and tall and
blonde. So basically I have the best mission.

I'm afraid I'm going to die on my mission of obesity because I ate
four complete thanksgiving dinners. I have never been so full in my
life. It was refreshing to have American food, but I never want to see
turkey again. We ate with investigators, less actives, and active
families so it was an assortment.

We also got to help a lot of people put up Christmas trees and
decorations this week so that was a blast. I love Christmas music! Me
and my companion have been singing everywhere we go.

On Saturday I attended my first Hispanic wedding. It was the best! Our
investigator Milton, finally got married to his member girlfriend
gabby so now he can be baptized! It was so fun, they play lots of fun
games and we danced and ate even more food..

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  1. So happy to read the updates on Hermana Lowry. She exudes the spirit of a mission. Even though I'm 'OLD' I still treasure my mission, and literally it changed my life and path in life. L ove you Hermana! <3. Maureen Olsen