Monday, December 7, 2015

European Chocolate

ATTENTION: dont send any mail/letters/packages to my current address because transfers are next week and im probably leaving. you can send them to the mission office or wait until i get my new address next week.

16623 Hafer Rd.
Houston, TX 77090

this week was a blur..we had some serious up & downs. a real roller coaster week. im not even going to go into detail about the downs. but some good things were that our investigators paulina and maria came to church for the first time yesterday and now they are on track for baptism in january! :) yay

the Christmas season is here and i love it. missionary work is the best during Christmas.

i had some amazing chocolate this week. we ate with this german family and they gave us some. and then we got some chocolate from spain. it was the best. that was probably the highlight of my week tbh. 

we had zone conference this week. it was a lot of information which leads to a lot of headache. 
ive had really bad migraines all week and i thought i was having a brain anerism. so i had to go to the doctor today.

i loved the devotional last night. two of my favorite people spoke, Bednar and Ucthdorf

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