Monday, April 4, 2016

Oh death where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?

I'm so blessed every year to have General conference right by the
anniversary of the death of my mother. The words of the Lords servants
bring so much peace and help me feel the spirit and love my Heavenly
Father and mom.

There were so many wonderful things that I liked from conference.

I think my favorite talk was in the Sunday afternoon session by Paul
V. Johnson about the resurrection.
Without the resurrection we could never feel a fullness of joy.
Oh death where is thy sting? Oh grave where is thy victory?
Through the words of the Prophet Joseph Smith; Now, what do we hear in
the gospel which we have received? A voice of gladness! A voice of
mercy from heaven; and a voice of truth out of the earth; glad tidings
for the dead; a voice of gladness for the living and the dead; glad
tidings of great joy. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of
those that bring glad tidings of good things, and that say unto Zion:
Behold, thy God reigneth! As the dews of Carmel, so shall the
knowledge of God descend upon them!

Another talk that really touched me was by Ronald A. Rasband. He
talked about Jesus reaching out to Peter in the water to save him and
he said, The lord often reaches out to us through church leaders, like
bishops, auxiliary leaders, or visiting teachers. I immediately
thought of Jaime Beal and Emily Olsen. The two return-missionary
visiting teachers who visited me during my hardest time, reached out,
and literally saved me. I have never felt the love of the Savior more
in my life than experiencing the joy I received from them bringing me
unto Christ. And now I get to continue to experience that joy by
reaching out to save others by inviting them to Come unto Christ.

There were many other talks I enjoyed; Bonnie L. Oscarson, W.
Christopher Waddell, Gerrit W. Gong, President Uchtdorf, Elder
Holland, and of course Prophet Monson.
Some quotes I really liked:
You can have what you want, or you can have something better
None of us should be defined for the worst thing we've ever done
May we choose the harder right, instead of the easier wrong
As members of the church, we are already on the boat, we don't have to
go searching for anything else.
The peace we all want requires more than a desire, it requires us to act.
Your righteousness is the greatest gift you can give to a father
There's nothing good unless you do it
Obedience is the life blood of faith.
Obedience is not a way to change us into something we are not. It is
the process in  which we discover of what we truly are made of, our
birthright and purpose. We are made in the image of God, by God, he is
God sees us as we truly are and he sees us worthy to rescue
He knows everything that we don't want anybody else to know about us
and he still loves us anyways
When we remember his example we will not give or take offense.
With God, there is no point of no return
Some things can only be learned by faith
Tomorrow will be as equal magnificent. Why? Because God wants it to be
Heaven is cheering you on. Today, tomorrow and forever.

Yeah,, it was a really, really good conference! ☺️😊

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