Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

Okay, today has been the best, happiest day of my entire life!
so i have been receiving packages and letters through out the last week but my comp told me that we couldn't open them until today(pday) so last night was like Christmas eve! I am seriously so so so so so so so blessed. 

Steph Bauman sent me a T-Bird gymnastics shirt which im super stoked about. I got a Christmas card from my favorite teacher Mrs. Trudy Benson, I got a  package from The 7 Brides house, Grandma Lowry sent me so much homemade candy and fudge, I got a cute little mason jar mug from tiffy and doug, and grandma sandy sent me so much stuff!! She is amazing. She sent me like everything i need right now! An umbrella, alarm clock, gloves(because its getting chilly), toothpaste, and nail kit, jewelry, clothes, and a ton of candy!!! she is a saint. My family of course sent me a package and letters too. Me and my comp actually needed a 2015 calender and they sent my Jesus calendar that is so perfect!! and a journal, candy of course, toms, and loni sent me some church cds!! It has literally been the best Christmas i have ever had. I cried when i read the letter from my dad and brady. 

I got so much stuff but its funny because the only thing i asked for was pictures of my family and its the only thing i didn't get ha.. oh well. 

I sent Christmas cards out to y'all so i hope you get them soon. Btw, does anybody have Steph's email for me?? And Gia Allred\

so this past week has been pretty awesome for spiritual mission stuff too. there are these two girls in our ward who are 16 and 17 and they want to serve missions so we took them out contacting and they loved it!! they said it was so much fun. ha but it was a good contacting day, its always really easy around this time of year because its Christmas! and the spirit of Christ is around, and all were doing is inviting people to watch the He is the Gift video. I've done it so many times, its like the only thing i know how to say in Spanish now. "Podriamos compartir una trajeta con ustedes? Es un video en YouTube y es sobre como Jesucristo fue el primer regalo de dios para nosotros."

My Spanish is coming slowly but surely. I still have a really bad white person accent which is annoying. im building really good relationships with the members right now. they are all so nice and loving! But they feed you so much food. Like even when you are so full, you still have to eat more. So if it looks like im getting fat in my pictures, i am. I have never ate so much in my life! I wish we had more time to work out in the morning. 

So we had our mission Christmas party last Friday. our whole mission was there, all 280 missionaries we have. it was huge! but so amazing of course. because my president and his wife are so amazing! I promise that President Mortensen will be and apostle one day because he is so powerful. we sang Christmas songs, watched the nativity story, ate of course, American food! i was so happy. you get over Hispanic food real fast. Oh yeah Dad guess what? I met two wrestlers at this party for my mission. Elder French, from Cedar High, walked up to me and said Hi sister Lowry! and we talked. I had no clue he was in my mission! hes been out 9 months and is English speaking though. And then this other elder came up to me from Hurricane, and he was like, Hey do you remember me?? and i was like haha noooo. I think hes name is elder hill, he was heavy weight. He told me he remembered me because i always hung out with the hurricane kids! ha awkward. but anyways, it was a fun time, 

we have two new golden investigators that are ready and excited to learn about the gospel. Norma, and Ronaldo and his wife Elaine. We don't have any baptismal dates yet but by next week, we will! 

time is still going by pretty slow. i just want to know more of the language already! but patience is a blessing i don't possess yet i guess. ha 

i really do appreciate all your guys prayers. they really do help. i am actually kinda sick right now, im pretty sure im getting strep throat like i do every year:/ but i really don't want to go to the doctors so pray for me to get better soon please! like my dad would say, "I don't have time to be sick!!"

prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures coming up! loni is going to kill me ha.

i love you all so much and i hope you can remember the reason for the season and watch He is the Gift together as families or read the Nativity story or something! keep Christ in Christmas!! he never forgets us, so don't forget him. My sister sent me an amazing talk by elder holland about the attonement. it really helped me to realize that missionary work and life is not easy, because salvation was not easy for Him. 
tengo un testimonio sobre la expiacion. yo se que Dios nos ama y nos da nuestro salvador. y por media de Jesucristo todas las cosas son posible. estoy agradecida por el poder de oracion. y yo se que este evangelio es vedadero.

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