Monday, December 8, 2014

Texas Houston Mission

okay so much has happened these past 5 days and i only have like not enough time to type! so please excuse all my grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. i dont have time for that.

so, i arrived to the mish last wednesday! so overwhelming. in the airport i contacted two people and gave them passalong cards. the plane ride was actually not bad. they gave us breakfast so that was nice. we met our president and his wife first and they are saints. they are literally perfect. we love them. the weather here is not christmas weather. first we had like a little orientation thing with all the new missionaries at the church and then our mission president commanded us to take a nap. literally we all took naps on the church pews, pillows and blankets provided. so that was nice. then we went and had dinner at their home, texas barbecue. i was so happy to finally eat american food i wanted to cry. it was fantastic. we had some more orientation stuff and then we went to our hotel for the night. i was so happy to have a queen size bed to myself for the night. i slept like a rock! the next morning we had breakfast the mission home, texas french toast. it was the best thing of my life. and then we went to another training thingy and thennn we got to meet our new companions. my trainer is greaaaaat. her name is Hermana Reese she is from orem utah and her spanish is like perfect. she has only been out in the mission for 3 months! we went right into the work and everything is really hard and stressful and exhausting and frustrating because i dont know spanish. so that sucks. hopefully next week is better. if you want to see pictures you can go to the Texas Houston Mission Blog. sorry i dont have alot of time. next week my group email will be better! still keep me in your prayers because its a hard life out here! i love you all and happy holidays. if you havent yet, you need to watch the church's HE IS THE GIFT VIDEO. its all we are doing right now as missionaries. adios

my address is 15903 yorktown crossing #1223 houston texas 77084 WRITE ME

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