Thursday, November 27, 2014


so about the subject, i have tried my whole entire life to roll my R's and i have never been able to. and my spanish teacher would always tell me i had a white girl accent because i cant roll my R's. but this week i was trying in class and i did it! i was seriously so happy i literally started to cry. right there in class. it was the crazy thing ever ha. 

okay the coolest thing that happened this week, and probably one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me in my life. so here at the ccm in mexico we have devos every sunday and tuesday. sometimes they are real people from the 70 or something but most of the time they are old videos of the past from the mtc in provo of like elder holland or elder bednard. but this tuesday we had a special live broadcast from provo to all the 15 mtc's around the world. it was elder oaks. but that is not the cool part. so i was sitting next to my sister training leader and i turned to her and said, wouldn't it be cool if we like saw somebody we knew in video of the crowd audience at the mtc? and right after that the choir stood up to do a special number and I SAW SHIANNA LOWRY SINGING AND I WAS SO STOKED ON IT YOU HAVE NO IDEA. i was really freaking out. i was like, hey that my cousin! she was wearing a white scarf and had her hair in a bun and was smiling while she was singing like she always does. they sing nearer my god to thee it was awesome.

also this week i received a real live letter from my sister that she sent like 5 and a half weeks ago so that was a miracle. i also received two missionary package letters from grandma lowry and my young women leader Sis. Haun. i loveeee receiving mail from back home. loni also sent my a missionary package letter and i was really really happy because brady wrote in it and i almost cried! i love that boy so much. congrats on the tournament baby! my amazing stepmom sent me a thanksgiving package this week with cinnamon rolls and cake pops, yumm. shes a saint.

during gym time some of the elders in my zone were trying to teach my how to throw a football. lets just say im retarded at sports and cant do it. and it pisses my off because my dads a footabll so i should be able to spiral a freaking football but i cant. but i am determined! so im doing it every time in gym until i get it right!

i am so grateful for the devotionals we get to watch here because mtc devotionals are only for missionaries and you cant find them anywhere else, online or printed copies. and they are always so good and exactly what i need to hear. 

so for thanksgiving today they did feed us thanksgiving food. it was very marginal compared to home but i was grateful. i wish more than anything i had grandma sandys yams though. and tiffys mashed potatoes. and moms coconut creme pie!
and also we had another special devo from provo broadcast this morning. it was elder bednar! hes like my fav, but that wasn't the cool part. I saw Shianna again ha! singing come thou fount, my favorite song ever. and she was wearing a cute floral shirt and had her hair curled. gosh its so nice to see a familiar face that i love!

speaking of familiar faces.. so since ive been here i have not met anybody i knew. but we got a ton of new missionaries yesterday and today at lunch i heard somebody call my name, Toni. ha and i was not used to that. it was Coach mardis' daughter britney mardis. i think shes lonis age. so that was cool. shes serving in Virginia.

today is my last pday in the ccm. im really sad and don't want to leave. i love it too much. but hopefully texas will be just as great! i leaveon wednesday morning next week! 
in sisters bednars talk she said to ask our parents to pray for us morning and night for us to have the gift of tongues. and in every pray we ever say and i will be blessed with the gift of tongues. so shout out to my whole family at home, PRAY FOR ME  POR FAVOR. happy thanksgiving i love you all. also pray for me that my suitcases wont be so heavy. :)

yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo es vedardera. se que el seƱor bendecira si estamos obediencia. creo que la expiacion es la gran bendicion tenemos. yo se que por media de fe en jesucristo todas las cosas son posible. estoy animado servir mi salvador. digo estas cosas, en el nombre de jesucristo, amen.

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