Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mommy Angel

So like i said before, i hadn't received any packages or mail yet but last Friday my district leaders told me i got a packaged and i was so stocked. but when i got it i had no clue who it was from. the name said Gia Allred. and i was like weird, so i opened it and it was a box full of chocolate and candy and the note read, " sis. lowry, hope you are having a great day"! i was your moms team roping partner in HS rodeo. i would like to write now and then for your mom because that's what friends do;) much love, your mom and gia."
i cried and cried. it was probably the nicest coolest thing that has ever happened to me. so this lady is my new favorite person in the world. later in the week i also received letters from from my roommate Emily Olsen and Kloni but the best was a real letter from mexico, from Elders Giles. i was so happy! So that was really good about this week. also, me and my companion are getting along sooooooo much better because we had a companionship inventory. which is just basically where you tell each other everything that bothers you about them and what you can do better. it was great to really let out my feelings and tell her everything that bugged me! for the first time since ive been here in mexico it rained and it was no bueno. when it rains here, it really pours. thanks to klonis umbrella my hair didnt get wet,but my feet and shoes got soaked. i hope it doesn't rain again because we have to do alot of walking around out here. the weather has been really nice besides that. so we got a district in our zone last week and one of the sisters is from wasatch. her name is Hna. Haywood. DAD. her brother is the one that beat zach prince in region at vernal remember?? yeah we automatically became best friends because we both love wrestling so much. she was a stat girl too! We play alot of volleyball here at gym time so mom would be proud of me. i still hate TALL. 

so today was the day we got to go to the temple vistitor center. you only get to go one time your here so we were all pretty excited. the mexico city temple is the largest temple outside of the united states in the whole world so thats cool. and there visitors center is humongeous and really nice. some hispanic sister missionaries gave us a tour. this will be the only time i can exit the gates of the ccm so it was cool. it is really reallly really ghetto here. like really poor area. its kinda scary. from the store i bought a scripture case for my spanish scriptures and a keychain of the temple that says "las familias son eternas" which families are forever! and then i got brady a birthday present. im sending a lot of pictures after i send this email so you can see. we had a couple people from the 70 come and talk to us so thats cool. devos are always the best. 

ive been out her three weeks and i feel like im never going to be ready to go into the field. i still have so much left to learn! mostly my spanish ha. its hard! well write me more letters and send my food. te amo! xoxo Hemana Lowry

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