Thursday, November 6, 2014

Misionero Objetivo

Invitar a las personas a venir a cristo al auydarlas que reciban el evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en jesucristo y su expiacion, el arrepentimiento, el baptizado, la recepcion del don del el espirtu santo y el perserverar hasta el fin.

ha thats by memory so there might be some missed spelled worrds.

well homies, i gave you the wrong address last week, its actually, so please please send me some mail that way. i love all your emails but seriously don't have the time. and every person in my district has gotten a letter or package but me:( so im expecting an abundance of mail next week. i really would like one from Brade and Kamryn. so someone help them do that. and you can send me treats through it too, like cookies:) 

so there are some people here that say it gets a lot better after your first week, they're all liars. its just as hard, the language is just as hard, and im just as tired if not more. just to let ya´ll know, kloni had it so easy on her mission, because preaching the gospel in a foreign language is 10000x harder. because you know what you want to teach and way in English but you don't know the vocabulary in Spanish and its really frustrating.

i love my zone so much. and especially my sister training leaders. they are so caring and helpful. two really cool things that happened this past week. we had a devo by Hermano Cates the directer of the ccm, and it was amazing. he talked about staying on target and never giving up.forget your self and your problems.  but my favorite part of this week was on tuesday our zone had its own testimony meeting together. nobody else does it but they thought it would be cool to do it every couple weeks. it was amazing. the spirit was so so strong. every body had such good testimonies.

me and mi compaƱera have still been having a hard time, and i know its half my fault so i asked my zone leaders for a blessing this morning to help me have patience, humility, and christlike love for my companion. it was great and i feel much better now. even though my dad isn't here, im so grateful to be surrounded by the power of the priesthood.

i miss hanging out with brady and taking him to lunch. so loni take him to brads for me. 

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