Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Brady and Grandma!

shout out to mama Brenda for sending me the best cake pops ever this week! also Gia sent me another package, krispy kreme donuts, shes a saint. some people say the ccm gets easier as you go but it really just gets harder and harder. im going to kill myself if i dont get this language down. and im leaving in two weeks! i am so not prepared. i wish there was an option to stay longer in the mtc ha. i still haven't received a letter from brady so tell him to get on that or else he doesn't get his birthday present. 

so on Sundays here you have sacrament meeting with your zone and they randomly call 6 people every week to talk. in spanish of course. they give us all a topic and we all have to prepare a talk because you don't know if you are going to speak or not. two weeks ago the topic was on the atonement and i wrote a rockin talk and i didnt get called so i was sad. this past week the topic was on ordinances and i probably wrote the best talk ive ever written about temple ordinances and eternal families and i freaking didnt get called! i was so upset. they announced the new topic for this next week as repentance. my branch president came up to me after the meeting and told me i would be speaking next week so prepare a good talk. and they never tell you if you going to speak. it was weird.. so for some reason im suppose to be speaking next week. about repentance. pray for me. 

i wish i could say me and my comp are bff´s now but were not. we have our ups and downs. mostly our downs. so the only thing im excited for to go out in the field is to get a new companion. i know that the lord put me with her for a reason but i still haven't figured out that reason, im pretty sure Satan actually put me with her to test my patience to see if he could get me to come home. that's my conclusion. 

i know i sent a million pics last week so no pics this week. sorry all my emails are written with like a third grader but i don't have time to worry about grammar when i only have an hour on the computer with a stupid spanish key board.

some major accomplishments i have made are memorizing James 1.5, the first vision. the missionary objective and d&c 4 all in spanish! that's about it ha. 

talk to ya´ll next week! 

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