Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunny and 75

Okay so I felt bad that last week I didnt have a lot of time so I didnt get to say much about the field but I will today.

So Houston. Its super great here. It doesnt get cold so thats nice. I like havent wore a jacket since Ive been here. Our area is called Bear Creek. Its a not like in the city city so its nice. A lot of hispanics of course. Our ward here is great. Everybody is so welcoming and loving. And really huggy, not sure how I feel about that. We always eat hispanic food so also not sure how i feel about that.

My companion is amazing. Her name is Nikelle Reese and she's from Orem. we get along so well. And her spanish is so good. And good thing because i literally cant even speak spanish at all. We are like the same person. all the hispanics in the ward call us Barbie Pequeno and Barbie Grande. haha which is just little barbie and big barbie. Because we're both blonde. She helps me so much and im so happy we get along because me and my last comp hated each other. I also like everyone in my district. They're awesome. The two elders in our ward are Elder Gibson and Elder Martinez and they are super funny. 

Our apartment is like really really nice. We are super blessed. If you remember what my townhome was like that i used to live in in cedar, its kinda like those but nicer. we have a really nice gym that we can use in the morning. and the computers we email from are here in the club house part of the lobby. it almost like we live in a hotel. 

So im not biking in this area, which i was super depressed to find out because i don't want to get fat. and i get super car sick. and only my comp can drive and i cant because i have like 5 tickets on my record ha..awk. it nice that we have the car but it does make me really sick. and thanks Lon for the gps. we use it everyday.

Ive been getting really bad migraines frequently since i was in the ccm which sucks and i thought it was just stress but i actually think its my eyes so thats super unfortunate. i get one everyday if i don't wear my glasses. and sometimes my glasses don't even help. so not sure what I'm going to do about that. 

the work has been really fun here. its really easy to contact because everybody here believes in Christ so we have that foundation. we work a lot with less active members and part member families in the ward. we have a couple investigators right now. Yesi and Myra and Mario and Vickie. none of them have baptismal dates right now so yeah, we just need to keep working with them! 

Something we do here for our service is we teach english classes every tuesday wednesday thursday and friday to parents who only know spanish. it is seriously my favorite thing ever. i love it. its fun and all the moms are so fun. and it is a great way to find future investigators:)

Im still really tired always and frustrated with the language but maybe 17 months from now ill know some spanish.. but i learn so much about the gospel everyday and i have really grown in my spiritual knowledge. i love my study time when im not falling asleep.  

Brady! congrats on wrestling, you're awesome and i cant wait to see y'all on christmas! hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season. Keep me and my investigators in your prayers:) 

So the address i would like you to send letters to is My home address not the mission home address because we never go to the mission home so I'll never get your mail or packages! 
15903 Yorktown Crossing Pkwy #1223
Houston, TX 77084

Talk to y'all next week! 

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