Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I love my mission

This will probably be the best email I've written my whole entire
mission so invite all of you to actually read it because I had the
coolest week ever:)

So we had transfers on Tuesday and I am trainee breaking again, my new
companion is Hermana Sheirbon! She is the best and I love her so
freaking much! We are like the same person it is crazy how alike we
are. First of all we look alike we both have blonde hair and blue eyes
and are super white, so everyone asks if we're sisters. We have like
the same birthday, and we have the same exact scripture on our
missionary plaques. D&C 31:3 it's crazy! We love a lot of the same
things. So this week has already been a whole lot better than last
transfer:) Hna. Sheirbon is from Tacoma Washington. She is a convert
to the church. She was just baptized two years ago when she was 18! So
basically she is my hero. She is the only member in her family.

So this week was crazy with transfers and even crazier this weekend
because we had a very very special event! We had a tri-mission
conference with all three missions in Houston. Because the President
from the quorum of the twelve apostles came to visit!! Like I don't
think y'all understand how cool this was. PRESIDENT NELSON. Not just
an Apostle of the Lord, but the future prophet! We all got to meet him
and shake his hand. Even though he is 92 he is so lively and fun and
nice. We got to listen to him and Elder Corbridge from the 70. It was
an amazing spiritual experience. I want to share with y'all some
things that I learned.
From Elder Corbridge I learned that we are literally and physically
separated from God on the earth, but he was us to have his power and
presence during our time on the earth which is the Holy Ghost.
From The president of the south mission I learned that we literally
connect people to heaven. And we are apostles with a little "a"
From the president of the east mission I learned that all our Heavenly
Father desires for us is to return to his presence with all our
friends and family.
And from mission president of the THM aka the best president I learned
that Heavenly Father desires all his children to know their true
identity as his children. And that we are the restores of sight/vision
just like Jesus Christ was.
President Nelson shared an incredible almost unbelievable story with
us that he said he has never shared before. Just from hearing
strengthen my testimony so much of revelation and how God works
through his servants.
President Nelson met with the new mayor of Houston the day before and
he said he was being interviewed and someone asked him what the
purpose of missionaries is or what we do. He said their purpose is to
simple "make people's lives better" it's true. Most people complicate
too much. What I desire more that baptizing people's is just helping
them have a better life through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Also I learned from president Nelson that more revelation and
scripture has came through the the prophet Joseph Smith than any of
the other prophets COMBINED.
He taught me that I'm strengthening my family more from leaving them
than I could from being with them.
He taught me that we are from the lineage to prepare people for the
second coming of the Lord.
He said The miracle of having the Book of Mormon is something we
should never take lightly.
But my very favorite thing I learned from President Nelson is quote:
"Be careful what you write home, that is scripture to your family."
When he said that it was like a slap in the face. I'm sorry I have
never been very good at sending uplifting email homes. All I want is
for my younger siblings and friends to read my emails and letters and
feel moved to share the gospel. So forgive me, I'll be better.
I also ran into my long lost from the the Texas Houston South mission,
Tyler Carter. That was cool!

Then on Sunday we had stake conference but I'm going to write about
that next week because I think if this letter gets any longer none of
y'all are gonna read it!

Les amo muchismo! Cuidense

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