Monday, March 14, 2016

Stake Conference with President Nelson

On Sunday our stake had a very special opportunity to have conference
with Pres. Nelson.
So our stake is really special because we're one of only five
completely Hispanics stakes in the United States. Usually Hispanic
wards are just mixed in with English stakes but we have so many
Hispanics here we have our own stake! It's the best stake ever. We
have a lot of amazing wards and leaders. The conference didn't start
until 10 but everybody wanted to be there early to get seats because
once the chapel was full, they had to send people away. So we got a
ride with members and we left at 6:30am to be one of the first ones
there to get a good seat. We arrived around 7:30 and had to sit and
wait for two and a half hours until the conference actually started.
But it was a amazing of course. We heard from the temple presidency
and the mission presidency and Elder Falabella from the seventy. One
of the youth in my ward was asked to speak, Jayline Gonzalez. She's 18
and super cool! She was so nervous, but she asked us to help her write
her talk! She spoke on family history work and temples and it was
awesome I almost cried. Something that president Mortensen said that
caught my attention was: "The best thing we can do is have our
children hear us share and testify of the gospel." It reminded of how
blessed I am because I have the most missionary-minded dad in he
world. I have so many memories of my father sharing the gospel and his
testimony with everyone. His coworkers, students, wrestlers, football
players. He probably has brought more people to Christ than I have as
a full time missionary ha!
President Nelson knows Chinese but not Spanish, but he gave his whole
talk in Spanish. He had to read the whole thing and his accent was
very gringo but it was amazing that he loves the people so much he
wanted to do that. The most amazing part of the conference is at the
end of his talk, when he stopped reading, he gave his testimony and a
blessing to the stake, and he began to speak in perfect Spanish! It
was amazing, the gift of tongues is real and it was just another
witness to me that he is a servant of the Lord and the Church is true.

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