Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

Soo if y'all don't watch the news for Houston Texas, this whole last
week we've been underwater. 💧 everything flooded so much. School was
cancelled for a full 5 days! Roads were closed all over the place,
homes were destroyed. But the coolest thing is the temple didn't get
flooded even though there was water completely surrounded it on all
sides! The church is true👏

So this email is actually one of two because soooooo much happened
this last week. It was seriously the busiest week of my mission. But
is was amazing. It was really happy but also sad at the same time.
Last Monday we couldn't do anything because we were trapped in our
apartment. Last Tuesday we got together as a zone and made baleadas
and platanos fritos, my favorite food. ☺️ 🇳🇮
On Thursday my English class threw me a despedida fiesta and it was
really cute! They are awesome. I really love teaching the English
classes. I will miss it!
District meeting on Friday was amazingly sad.. :( I love my district
so much! My darling x-companera gave a heart warming obituary about
me😢 Pive and Jonesy played God be with you til we meet again, while
playing the guitar soo 😭😭

The next email I send out will talk about what happened this Saturday
and Sunday! The best two days ever! Stay tuned:)

Making Baleadas with Luz and Sherbaby
The cutest family ever; Cabrera, Jonesy, Pive. Father, son, grandson
English class party!
District meeting, aka funeral :(

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