Sunday, May 15, 2016


Esta semana estuvo buenísima☺️ fuimos al zoológico!
It was a really good week, on Monday we got to go the zoo and it was
really divertido
This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to go on exchanges to
bearcreek, my first area in the mission. I was so happy, I got to go
to Vickie's baby shower, little background on Vickie, she was my
investigator a year and a half ago when I was in bearcreek and we
threw her a baby shower for her first baby, she was baptized and is
now a member, and a year and a half later I was able to go to her baby
shower for her second child! Yay☺️❤️ I also got to visit the Alcaraz
family, my first recent converts in the mission! And that was awesome.
This week we went contacting in these apartments that we thought were
pretty Hispanic, but we started knocking and turns out that there was
just a bunch of people from Egypt that lived there? Egypt! And they
were all the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Sooooo nice.
Every single one invited us in to their home, introduced us to their
families and offered us something to drink. They tried so hard to
speak with us in there broken English. They all only have a little bit
of time in the states because they are like refugees that have to come
and live here. I wish I spoke Arabic so I could teach them! They are
way nicer than all the white and Hispanic people that we contact.
Really cool culture.
So this Saturday, we were at the Pulga(Hispanic flea market) and it
started raining and we got soaked. ☹️😓💦
The district 💁
Rocking sweaters around the waist
Ostrich photo bomb 📸
Another cute puppy I found while contacting Egyptians
Houston rain probs
Vickie's baby shower
La familia Alcaraz

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