Sunday, May 31, 2015

I love my family

so yesterday i got to skype with my family and it was the best day everrrr. it was so good to see them and talk with them. and David got confirmed yesterday and that was awesome. and we had 4 other investigators at church! we also had a lot of lessons this last week and it was just awesome.

 we had zone conference this last week and that was awesome mostly because i have the best mission president ever. he is so spiritual powerful. we learned about why we have commandments. why have them not as restrictions but actually to make us free! with out the commandents, there would be no plan of redemption. when we are not keeping the commandments, we are in satans grasp, and we no longer can enjoy the gift that our Father gave us, agency.

nothing else super extravagant happened this last week. its still super hot and i mostly want to die every time i walk outside. the tan lines are starting to come in. 
i will attach some pics from the zoo and zone conference! again, please do not judge me for how fat i've gotten..

love you all!!!!

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