Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hot and Cold

My new companion is Hermana Perry, she is literally an angel. She is so so kind and sweet and spiritual and so close to the Lord. I am very privileged to be able to be surrounded by her lovely example and spirit. She is from Taylorsville and she has been in the mission 10 months, so just 3 months longer than me! (my 7 month mark was on friday:) she is very very shy. so president says my confidence will really help her, haha.. he understates my confidence. but we work really well together and she is a great missionary. 

Well this week was a serious struggle..
i feel like my mission life is like the Katy Perry song Hot and Cold.. because its seriously so up and down. two weeks ago we had an amazing week with the Lords work. and then this last week was poopy. to put it truthfully.. it was really rough! lots of things didn't work out as planned. i get super down asking what have a done wrong to not receive the blessings? but God has a plan and its greater than mine. patience is a virtue i haven't perfected yet. i was reading in Alma 26 this morning and it was really good for me. it states a lot of Christlike attributes and talks about missionary work and patience. :)
anyways, im done pouting.

tomorrow we are getting iPads! yayyyyy

everything else is great, it rains a lot.. we had a hurricane warning on sunday.. that was fun. we were walking up to our ankles in water last week and i caught a little baby frog.

New companion!

Hermana Diaz going home!

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