Sunday, June 7, 2015

la semana de tormentos y no mias

So this past week was the most eventful, interesting, hardest week of my mission so far..

I have a lot to say so be prepared, but you'll want to read it, because you will laugh in pitty of my life.

So for those of you not cool enough to know spanish, the subject is, The week of storms and no miles.. 

so as missionaries with cars, we only get a limited amount of miles for each month, and we you reach the limit, you walk. so this last week, we reached our limit. Which meant 6 days of walking in horrrrible weather. 
So if any of yall keep up on Houston news, we have been experiencing a little bit of bad weather lately.. like tornadoes and such. so last monday night, it was storming really really bad. we got home safe to our apartment but the other missionaries in our zone did not. their cars were flooded and some apartments. while they were driving the water went up to the windows, and water started coming up through the floor boards so they had to leave their cars through the windows and walk home. the it was kinda scary, the next day tuesday, we had a mission wide conference for the ipads, so president had called us super late on monday and asked us to go pick up the other missionaries for the conference. we did it but were not pleased because we had no miles. in the morning when went out to the roads it looked like a zombie apocalypse. there were stranded cars everywhere. and life flight helicopters. the water on the roads was so high it completely covered trucks. so we had to end up taking a detour to the conference to avoid flooded roads. we ended up taking a toll road but didnt know it, and when we realized, we realized none of us had any money. we legit dug through our purses to find change. and we found the exact amount of 1.75 that we needed. that was a miracle.

the conference was super long and boring. it was a 5 hour training on how we should and should not use the ipads. and we didnt even get them! we have to read some pamphlets first and do some more online-training before we get them this friday. after the training we went back to our area and started our day, walking! I was sweating so much i looked vagabunda(homeless). it was interesting. 

early wednesday morning it started raining just as hard. i had a dentist appointment but i called and cancelled it because there was no way we were leaving the house! once it stopped we went out, walking once again. i stopped wearing makeup or even trying to get ready because you just sweat so much it doesnt matter. it literally blows my mind how my sister rode a bike her whole mission in florida. I know now why God put me in a car mission because i would of probably already quit if i wasnt. today was the day i got super sunburnt. it was hot. but we did find two new investigators that let us in and teach them right away. that was nice.

thursday was the same thing, a lot of walking and sweating. i think the most annoying thing is all the hispanic guys who always honk at us or whistle or try to give us rides.. super creepy

friday was the same but the coolest thing ever happened. a member in our ward, Aurora, took us out to eat. her son just left on his mission to alaska! she is super beautiful and young and single. she was telling us how she hadnt been to the temple yet but she was preparing to go. and she asked me if I would be her escort! i was liked stunned, but so happy! i havent been to the temple in like over 7 months. ha i dont know how im going to help her because i wont even know what im doing.. also this morning, we had district meeting. it was only 4 miles away to the church, so walked. and it was so humid and hot and gross. we arrived to the meeting looking very much vagabunda

saturday, we were walking a lot again, but today it was raining! yay.. we had our umbrellas and were walking from one cita to the next and my companion(who is a saint) saw a lady walking with her little boy and gave them her umbrella! she literally is so Christlike. i am very blessed! she has not complained once this whole week, she is definitely the better half.

yesterday, our investigator that we have been teaching for two months finally came to church for the first time! that was cool. we also found one of my old investigators from bear creek and started teaching her again her name is matilda and she has three adorable girls and the cutest puppy(pictures attached)

well its the start of June! so we have more miles and i'll stop complaining now. but also my birthday is this month and i dont want to get any older so im praying for time to slow down!

dios les bendiga!

the two year old is holding a Jesus pass along card in her hand, so cute! :)

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