Monday, June 8, 2015


so this week nothing too eventful or exciting happened.
but we did get our iPads! we cant do much, basically just the gospel library app and everything else is super protected and blocked. but its cool

our week was kinda slow and sad but yesterday, i got a call from my old investigators in bear creek, Amanda, Vanessa, and Judy Alcaraz, and they asked me if I would give the talk at their baptism this Saturday!! i seriously couldn't believe it. i started teaching them in January and when i was there they were not progressing at all, but they loved us. I am so excited for them and am thankful the Lord answered my prayers. they started going to church finally and really like it. I'm super nervous to give the talk, but i am so happy. In missionary work, no effort is ever wasted.

i never cherished it before my mission, but i love the word of God so much, especially the Book of Mormon. if everybody in the world knew how happy it could make you, everyone would read it all the time! this week i also read a talk i really liked in the Ensign by Henry B. Eyring called, Families can be together forever, he says; "We owe our families the kind of relationship we can take into the presence of God. We must try not to give offense or take offense." i really like that quote. it reminds me of my dad. he is really good at not taking offense and just loving everyone even if they dont like him. 

love you, take care! :)

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