Monday, June 22, 2015

Feliz dia de los Padres! Feliz 8 meses hoy

First, I want to wish my dad the best fathers day because my dad is the coolest guy in the whole world. and the best example ever. love you daddy!

so we got the best news last week. so the rule for going to the temple is different for every mission. our rule is that you cant go unless you reactivate a less active family and go with them, or you take someone you baptized a year later.. both these things are very uncommon so basically we just can never go which is super sad because we need the strength and blessings of the temple! but our president says missionaries are not here to do work for the dead, but for the salvation of the living. which is true. anyways, our president knows that we are kind of lacking in faith so he said that we can go to the temple! this tuesday as a district, what a great birthday present!! im super excited.

so like i said, we are struggling a little bit in the mish. two weeks ago, our district leader told us that the spanish side of the mission was struggling and not getting as many baptisms as english. so president told our DL that we needed to set 8 baptismal dates as a district before we go to the temple together, so we can take the names there with us and pray for them. there is 10 missionaries in our district. he then proceeded to teach a really cool lesson on faith. to be honest, i didnt see how this was possible. it has been really hard in this area to set dates because no body keeps commitments! but none of wanted to let president down. so like miraculously, on tuesday me and my comp set 6 baptismal dates in our area. it was the cooolest of my life. when we called and told our leaders they were so relieved. and president was happy but said, "You know what,  I'm not even surprised because you and Hermana Perry are amazing missionaries" that was nice. so the rest of the district got 4, we surpassed our goal of 8!

The people we have dates with our Claudia. She is 18 and just super awesome and reads in the book of mormon and just knows its true and just started coming to church and is super excited to be baptized. Shes amazing

Then Marnie and Mariana. they are from Columbia and super awesome. its a mom and daughter. their aunt that lives in columbia is member over there! they have all the lessons and finally just started coming to church. they also read so much in the BOM and understand.

and then the Hernandez family who i talked about last week in my letter! 

sometimes its hard being on a mission because all your friends forget about you, but thank you so much to all my family that sent me birthday presents! #familyfirst

so this morning i was studying on my wonderful ipad, two ensign talks called The Path to Palmyra, and The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon. It reminded me a lot of my Church History Tour Trip. I really really loved them.  im just going to insert some direct quotes. and invite you all the increase and strengthen your testimony of Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon. So we can be prepared and ready to share our testimonies and bring others unto the fold of Christ.

"Decide now to become a student of the life of the Prophet Joseph
Smith. There is power and wisdom in his life like no other, save the
life of the Savior Himself."

"From beginning to end, Book of Mormon testimony and history show that
God is anxiously willing to work with, heal, and bless those
who--despite their sins and imperfections--turn to Him in genuine
contrition and faith."

"Like Joseph Smith, you need not lead a perfect life in order to be a
powerful instrument in God’s hands. Mistakes, failure, and confusion
were part of Joseph’s life and mission, and they are going to be part
of yours too. But do not despair. Do not be tempted to think that “all
is lost.” All is not lost and will never be lost for those who look to
the God of mercy and live."

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