Monday, June 22, 2015

Tan Line Season

so nothing new about the weather, its hot and humid and i still want to die. we have some tropical storm warnings this week and im just going to copy the message we got from our leaders this morning:
"hello missionaries. there is a high chance of serious tropical storm this week! please be prepared! keep an emergency bag in your car with water, clothes, snacks, ect. keep your car with a full tank of gas, and dont drive towards water that look questionable! also keep your service clothes in the car; we might be helping a lot of people this week. we love you all and want you to be safe!"

now im going to talk about the Hernandez family! so we found this family going through our contacts on the phone. we called and they said we could come by and visit the family. It is a mom, dad, and two kids ages 13 and 6. they have missionaries before a while ago, and had assisted church, and all have book of mormons. i don't know why the missionaries stopped visiting them. the mom told us that they have been having some seriously family problems, and its true. they are just not unified. my wonderful companion shared the scripture in Heleman 5:12 about how our lives need to be founded on the rock of our Redeemer. they agreed. they started praying and reading together as a family. we had the temple tours yesterday and they came and it was amazinggggg. the dad said, "well we need to be baptized so we can go in and be sealed here as a family" and the mom was like well yeah, we need to go to church first. so they are going to be baptized!

speaking of baptism, on Saturday my two investigators Amanda and Vanessa Alcaraz got baptized! it was the best day ever. pictures attached.

also we found this guy knocking and he actually wanted us to teach his mom, but when we went to visit, she wasnt home, but we taught him the restoration, and he was like, "i knew that there had to be more scripture than just the bible!"  he has a ton of questions about everything. we told him to read the BOM and it would answer them he said he'd read the book of mormon. and wants to know more about the plan of salvation and wants us to come back to teach his whole family!

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