Monday, May 4, 2015

Feliz dia de Madres

So this past week was awesome as always. Lots of blessings and miracles. 
we had David's baptism this weekend! he is the cutest. and lots of lessons.

something cool was last Tuesday our citas fell through so we were just walking around a apartment complex and there was this cute hispanic lady and she was carrying grocery bags, we asked if we could help her, and they usually always say no, but she was like, im looking for my daughters apartment but i cant find it, can you help me? so we started to walk with her and help her, she asked if we were going to school around here, we said no and stated our purpose as missionaries. than she was like, yeah you are angels that God put in my path, i know it. you guys are here to help people." and yep, we are! than she was like, i want you to meet my son and daughter some day!" and then she gave us this head bands that she made. its was super cool.
hopefully we'll have a couple more baptisms this month! 

im super excited to skype my fam this week:) shot out to my brother for taking state and my sister and her marathon and my step sister for making cheer and my stepmom for always taking care of me out here and my cousin Cache for his mission call!

so we have zone conference this week on wednesday and i have been studying for my talk about why God gives us commandments. in Alma 12 it says without commandments, there would be no plan of redemption/salvation. so i think they are pretty important! i have been very blessed to teach the plan of salvation to others here on the mission. i think its my favorite part. i have such a strong testimony of the importance of this plan and it makes me to happy when i help others realize and accept this plan of happiness! 
i challenge everyone this week to share this plan with someone you know that doesnt have the knowledge of Gods plan for all his children, i promise it will bring you as much happiness as them:)

im going to the zoo today so hasta luego! :)

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