Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Kay this last week was awesomley perfect! I love being on the Lords errand:) 

so last Monday we had a super fun pday with our district, we played with water guns and ballons. (picture attached)

this past Tuesday was the best day ever though. so we had English class in the morning, then we had set appointments with investigators for every hour after that, 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 8. its not uncommon for us to have that, but usually, not all the appointments work out and most fall through. and none of them were a dinner. so after English class we were hungry for lunch but we didn't have time to eat before our appointments, so i just figured that one of them would fall through and we would eat then. nope! every appointment worked out. three of the investigators we saw i found them in the area book that hadn't been visited in a while since the old missionaries left. they are prepared. they accepted us and our message and it was amazing. we were super hungry though all day! all our lessons were so amazing though. finally after our 7:00 appointment, our 8:00 cancelled, it was like 8:15-8:30ish and i asked Hna. Diaz if she wanted to grab a pizza or something, she said no.. i was like okay, lets try to at least see one more person before we go home. i pulled out the ward list and i just went to the first name i saw that was inactive. it was so late i wasn't expecting them to not answer because Hispanics always go to bed so early. a man in a wheelchair opened the door and invited us in immediately. so the mom that lives there, is inactive but her two kids and granddaughter were visiting her for the night, and they are active in the church, but a different ward. the granddaughter(like our age) was making dinner, and for some reason, she didn't know why, she had prepared two more plates of food even though they had all already ate.. right when we sat down they put the food down in front of us.. we said that we had not eaten all day and we were so hungry, and grateful. i seriously wanted to cry. they were so loving, nice and welcoming. we talked a little bit about mission stuff and then Hna. Diaz asked my to share a scripture. i shared D&C 6:20 its one that i like to share with members usually. i asked the son that's in the wheelchair if he could read it. i asked him to replace Oliver's name with his own. he started to read the scripture, but he couldn't even get past the first few words. he choked up and starting crying. he said he couldn't finish it so the granddaughter read it. i didn't really understand what was going on, but the son the daughter were both crying. the son finally said that we came to them with hunger, but really we were the ones to feed them. spiritually. they said that they needed that visit and they know the reason why the spirit told me to go to that house. they said that we have a special spirit with us so strong and its impossible not to feel it. and he was grateful for the opportunity he had to be in our presence. he bore a brief, simple, very powerful testimony and we ended with a pray. i started to cry.
sometimes as a missionary, its very hard the recognize the spirit we have with us. and its very easy to get down on yourself. i couldn't believe the simple scripture i shared could touch someones heart and help them in time of need. at first i was just grateful for the food, but i left being so filled with happiness and the spirit.

on Thursday we set a baptismal date with David this weekend, on my dads birthday:) also i found my future husband.

on Friday we had interviews with president. i love seeing him and his wife they are the best!! i told him everything was great except my Spanish sucks. he asked me if i ever practiced with hna. diaz and i said no.. so he told hna. diaz that now she is not allowed to speak English with me. solo espanol. i want to kill myself. its really hard! 

on Saturday we went to eat a Salvadorian restaurant with a member, and funny thing, they have this Jesus picture hanging up and its one from our church! i was laughing. i wish i would of taken a picture. 

Yesterday we had a mission presidents fireside and it was super amazing and uplifting and the spirit was so so strong. we sang in the missionary choir. even though i cant sing it was good. if you can, watch the video by David Bednar, Patterns of Light. super good! they had three recent converts speak, and their testimonies are so powerful and amazing! we should all strive to be reconverted to gospel to gain testimonies like theirs.

so its getting super super super hot here. and i want to die. so im thinking about cutting off all my hair! its touches my butt now(proof attached) so im super over it. its too heavy and sweaty. so im chopping it!

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