Tuesday, April 7, 2015


So to begin, I had 4 baptisms yesterday:) But I'll tell you more about that later.

so the weather here was cold, but now its super hot and humid everyday and i hate it because im always sweating to death. 

so my companion got sick last week, strepthroat. so we kinda have just been hanging out getting other stuff done. hopefully i don't die because she is contagious. but i know im not going to get sick because like father like daughter, "I don't have time to get sick!" :) i found out that im not a very comforting or sympathetic person because i didnt really want to take care of her.. i just wanted to work! im not very patient either.

so on saturday we had the general women conference broadcasted and we had 5 investigators come to that. it was great. i even got to watch it in english so i was super happy. it was all about families!

also at church yesterday we had 12 investigators at sacrament meeting:) my highest number yet! and also the highest for Hna. Coley and she has been on her mission for 15 months! it was awesome.

Anyways, about my first baptism now. So we had like 5 dates set with Claudias family for the 28th of March and we had 6 dates set for April 4th with the Huerta family and the Alcaraz family. 
Last sunday, all of Claudias family dates fell through because they are not keeping commitments..Alcaraz too. i was so upset. and we really really wanted to have a baptism in March! So the Huerta family was a hand off investigator family from another ward close by. they have been trying to get baptized for a while but things keep on coming up. her daughter is really sick and needs surgery, her other daughter broke her ankle and cant walk, and recently she just diagnosed with sists on her ovaries:( so she is in a lot of pain. they have been going to church for like a year though so that is not the problem. we felt impressed this last week to ask them asked them if we could push up their date to sunday, the 29th. the mom said yes, surprisingly because next week she has to get surgery and it will be a long recovery time. i was so happy i wanted to cry. my companion said it was my mom who helped, which is true. i am so lucky to have an angel watching out for me and preparing the way! i have received so many blessings. so we were super bust getting everything prepared this last week for the baptism!
and in all the rush i might have forgoten to call and reserve the building for the baptism so when we got to the church yesterday the english ward was having a dinner activity thing and there were people and food every where! i wanted to die. but we just kind of let them know that we had a convert baptism and kicked 'em out! :) they were really nice. 

transfers are next week so no letters or packages please! I have been here 4 and a half months so i might be leaving bear creek:( i dont want to leave because our work is so good. president told us last week that we have the best numbers in the mission.. not to brag but:)

So tomorrow is three years since my mom passed away. everyone go to her tombstone and take pictures for me. i miss her so much but i still feel her love everyday. 

Easter is the best time of year! i always remember my dad saying it is his favorite holiday. and the church has an amazing video for it! #graciasaqueElvive 
i dont know what its called in english.. but everyone should watch it and share it and remember Christ this season! One of my favorite scriptures in the the Book of Mormon is 
Mosiah 16:8 But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ. 
maybe i just love it so much because it applies to me but its just so amazing that we have this knowledge!

Yo se que mi salvador vive. se que mediante El, puedo vivir otra vez y ver mi mama. La expiacion es la mas grande bendicion que tenemos y estoy muy agradecida por este don. Usa la expiacion diaramente para mostrar su fe y amor por El. les invito para compartir este video con los de mas:)

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