Tuesday, April 28, 2015


not much to say this week except the weather here makes me want to kill myself and run back to Utah.. :)

some days its super hot, and then some days its rains so hard that the roads start flooding and you cant go anywhere. and you are basically just never dry. oh well im over it.

we are still teaching a lot of part member families and the same investigators. we just need to set some baptismal dates! its really hard because they have to be reading the book of Mormon and coming to church.

oh yeah, and my 6 month mark is this Wednesday. time goes by slow and fast. it just depends. right now its going by slow, so I feel like I've been here at least 10 years.

I really would love some letters because I haven't gotten any mail since I've been in my new area!

I love y'all and pray that you will have a blessed week.

todas las cosas son mas facil cuando recordamos Jesucristo y su expiacion:)

here is a  picture of the Hail we had yesterday.. #texasweatherprobs

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