Tuesday, April 7, 2015


so im leaving my area and im super sad. we have so much work here and so many people that i have been teaching for months. it is so sad to say bye to everyone. worse than saying bye to my family! oh well, im over it. im sure my new area will be equally as great, hopefully. and i will be coming back here for a lot of baptisms. and not to excited to pack....

so its really starting to warm up here, so i have at least 147 bug bites every night. i am not a fan of humidity. 

i dont have my planner with me so i dont really know what we did last week, nothing too exciting. mostly because i was deathly ill so i just slept for like 48 hours straight. 

basically the best thing ever was conference. my favorite time of year is Easter and conference! its literally better than christmas, and its so depressing when its over:( and watching it in the chapel is like the best thing ever. it is so much easier to feel the spirit and receive revelation. 
the womens session and the saturday sessions were basically all about families..which is great for my investigators, and my companion who is going home soon and super excited to get married and have children, but for me it was kind of a bore....like im not going to starting a family for a long time and i just want to focus on my mission! but it was super good for our investigating and less active families. and i am super grateful for my eternal family. my favorite was the the sunday morning session. like i loooooovvvveee Jeffery R. Holland and President Uchtdorf so much. By far the best talks ever. if you did not have the opportunity to listen to conference, DO IT. it is such a blessing that we can just go online and listen to them and print them. it makes me sad i didnt take seriously conference when i was younger. it is a miracle. we literally have the chance to listen to a prophet of God. it is really just like talking to Noah or Moses. amazing. you just want more! i am so grateful my dad was always such a good example and making us listen to conference. also super grateful for Gia Allred who always is sending my cute packages and love from my mom:) she is awesome!

Also on saturday we had an easter egg hunt with claudia and her sister and her friend. (our investigators) it was awesome! they are from Hondurus and they are super poor. and have never had a easter egg hunt before! so us and the elders went all out and hid a bunch of eggs and candy at the park and got them baskets. i will be sending pics. we also had a water balloon fight.. that was fun!

so I'll let y'all know my new address next week! Dios les bendiga!

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