Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Best Week Ever!

Sooooo many great things happened this last week. And they all only happened through the Lord and revelation. 

This past week i had my first contact lesson. Which just means while you're contacting, you go straight in to the first lesson and teach it. We were early to a lunch appointment with a member so we decided to knock her street. We found a mom and told her our purpose is sharing a message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. She invited us to sit down and we taught her. It was awesome. We also had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation with our investigators JoseLuis and Liliana. It was so powerful, we read 2 Nefi 2 together with them and they accepted it and believed all of it, it was awesome! 

On thursday this past week we had this Specialized Training for all the spanish missionaries with president and his consolers and assistants, it was amazing of course. We always learn things that we can do better and improve on. one of the assistants, Elder Abidillo, (who actually used to be my zone leader but he just got called as a assistant), is so cool. He is from Guatemala and he actually played on the olympic volleyball team there! yeah but anyways, hes like the smartest guy ever when it comes to the gospel, i swear he has the scriptures memorized. He helped train us on how to improve our language study. he said we should be memorizing a scripture in spanish everyday! so this is the one i recently did,
Esta es la vida eterna, que te conzcan a ti, el unico Dios, y a Jesucristo, quien has enviado.

If you can tell me what that scripture is, that would be cool!

so anyways, we learned lots of cool stuff at the training! also, the best thing that ever happened on my mission, I got approved to drive!!! Finally. I couldn't drive for the first six weeks because i have too many tickets on my record..awk. but president told me i could start driving now and i was so happy! because the person that's not driving, gets the phone, and i hated having the phone. and i always got super car sick. but know i drive everyday. so the second day i was approved to drive, there was like a huge rain storm. more rain then i have ever seen in my life i promise! the streets were flooding and we had to go to the mission office which is far away on the freeway. and i had to drive four other missionaries in the car. i wasn't scared because Utah has prepared me for bad driving conditions, and of course i drove so safely and all the other hermanas were so happy i didn't crash and we didn't die!

so last Friday, we had interviews with president with our district. and when you have interviews they also have training for all the other missionaries that aren't in the interview with the prez.. so it was awesome of course. our zone leaders and sister training leaders and assistants teach us and its so spiritually uplifting and you learn so much! were are doing this new thing called, "Church Tracting" where we go to other religion churches, and basically contact them. president thinks it will be really successful so ill let you know how that goes. i think its kind of scary!

We also had a really good lesson with one of our investigators on Saturday night. Her name is Myra, she is 26 single and just works and goes to school. She has a lot of questions always about our lessons and especially about repentance. we were teaching her about the Atonement and i shared my testimony with her and she started crying. it was so amazing, the spirit!

and the number one best thing about last week was I HAD THREE INVESTIGATORS COME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY. I promise i have never been so happy in my life. finally finally finally. Myra came, and JoseLuis and Liliana. I know that the Lord does answer our prayers. I am just so happy and the only thing that could make me happier is if i knew more spanish. one day..

thank you for all your love and support! les extrano!

These are two of our English classes we teach.

Driving in the storm!

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