Monday, February 9, 2015

Roller Coaster

So every week in a mission, and everyday really, is a roller coaster. I think i have already said this before in an email.. But there is just so much great and then not so great. 

We have been teaching the Alcaraz family everyday really and they love us! But they will not come to church.. And we just found out the dad, Alfredo has a drinking problem. So pray for him. But they know this gospel is true, they are just missing out on the blessings of going to church!

We tried out church tracting but nobody lets us do service for them:(

Our english classes are getting harder to teach because the students dont practice outside of class so then they dont learn as much and get discourage. Its also hard because all the people are at different levels of spanish. Its like trying to teacher 1st graders and 8th graders at the same time.

We taught Myra twice this last week. She is our only progressing investigator becuase she is reading and coming to church! I know that she is going to get baptized. In all our lessons with her we always have to bring a return missionary with us becuase she always asks really hard, good questions, that sometimes we dont know how to answer.. but we asked her to pray about a baptism date and she is!

We also taught a way awesome lesson to Jose Luis and Liliana with a member of the bishopric, Hermano Davila. we taught the plan and they believe it, but they say that they are never going to change or get baptized... its tough. 

but the absoulute best day ever was yesterday. so president told us if our investigators arent answering our calls on sunday morning, to go to their house and knock on there door! Shianna said the same thing. So yesterday morning we went the Alcaraz and they werent home, and we went to Rolando and Elaine, and they werent home, and we went to Myra and she didnt answer. I was so upset. I didnt want another sunday with no investigators at church. so we pulled into the church parking lot and one of our investigators(synthia who was our contact lesson three weeks ago and we havent been able to get in with her since) was there with her kids! We didnt even invite her and she was there. and Myra, was already at the church! Seriously, no effort is wasted! and the Lord blessed us for our work.

after church we had dinner with Myra at a members house, and then we were taking her to the temple. none of other investigators responded to our messages about the temple tour we were having, but i was happy with just taking myra! but when we got to the temple, two of our other investigators were there already! Jose Luis and Liliana! they were talking to our president and asking him questions. I couldnt belive it. The temple is gorgeous and i was so happy! 

i would love to write more but im out of time for today, but im sending lots of pictures:) 
(beware kloni)

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