Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Busy busy!

This past week so much happened but I feel like i cant remember any of it ha.
First of all I had 8 week, which is where all the missionaries that have been out for 8 weeks come and teach the lessons in front of president and the assistants and then they tell you how horrible of a missionary you are and you need to be better. Haha im totally just kidding, but basically they just see what you have learned and what you can do better. I was really nervous! And it was hard. Its just you, and then you teach a leader, and president watches you. And i am definitely so far from a great missionary. So i have some improvement! but the best part was, it was all in Spanish, and i new every word. so i know i can teach in Spanish! its just everything else i need to work on:)

Also this last week i went on exchanges with our amazing sister training leader Hna. Coley. She has been out about a year and she is such a good missionary. I strive to be like her. And she gave me such good advice on how to improve my teaching methods.

We also had a zone meeting this week and learned about family history and how to teach it. We also learned about fears. And how to overcome them through our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
When I first got out into the field, and i was having a really hard time, one of my really good friends, serving in Missouri sent me this scripture, John 16:33. Its perfect, i love it so much. I memorized it, in Spanish of course.

"Estas cosas os he hablado para que en mi tegais paz. En el mundo tendreis afliccion. Per confiad; yo he vencido al mundo." 

For you english speakers, it says that, 
"These things I have spoken unto to you that you, that in me you might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

We are all going to have hard times and afflictions in our life's, but there is no need to fret. Because has already overcome them. Let him help you. Use the atonement of Christ daily. It is the greatest gift we have. 

This is at our 8 week training with some of the missionaries I was in the CCM with!

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