Tuesday, February 24, 2015


so i have so much to talk about and like no time!

but a cool thing happened this last week. so this new guy came to our english class last tuesday and we were all introducing ourselves. he said his name is Miguel Angel and that he likes to read. so i was like, "Pues, tengo un libro por usted!" so after the class i gave him a book of mormon. they the next class on thursday i asked him if he had read and he said yes, and he wanted another book to give to his friend! i couldnt believe it. then on friday we were playing volleyball at the church for an activity and he came to that too. and we havent even taught him yet. and thennnn on sunday, he came to the church! i was so happy. and he stayed for all three hours. also we had four other investigators at the church! but still not the Alcaraz family:( please pray for them. the kids want to get baptized and are reading the book of mormon but their dad wont let them come to church. i hate it. but, we are going to start teaching Miguel Angel and he is going to be baptized. also at church yesterday we had 2 less actives! one has been inactive for 6 years and she came to church last week and this week! i am so happy for her. the other one has been inactive for 2 years and he came to back to church for the first time yesterday. seriously though, reactivation's are just as cool as baptisms i think because you are bringing a child back into the fold of the Lord.

also this last week i went on exchanges with my sister training leader, Hna. Coley, the amazing one. she is so awesome. she is so encouraging and helpful. and she chastens you in such a loving way ha. she helped me set some worthy goals for my mission and just helped me a lot! i hope she becomes my next companion:)

so my training is officially over:( we had transfer calls yesterday and Hna. Reese is leaving and im getting someone new tomorrow. im nervous to see who it is! hopefully somebody that knows spanish or we're screwed.. 

there is more i want to say but im out of time! so next week:)

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