Monday, February 16, 2015

Zone Conference!

so this past week i had my first zone conference! it was amazing, very long and spiritually overwhelming, but great. you learn so much good missionary stuff that its too much to take in! after i had a headache. we learned about Humilidad y El evangelio de Jesucristo.
 but also the worst thing ever happened at this conference. our mission got these things called TiWi's. they are satan. they are these little box's that go in your cars that calculate your driving and speed and they yell at you when you break the law. ITS HORRIBLE. so every time you speed, or when your seat belt is not on, when you turn too hard, or break too hard, or accelerate too fast, it talks to you and beeps at you. and it takes score and it goes back to the mission president and church headquarters, and they can take away your driving privileges if you are a bad driver. so basically its been a really hard week for me. they say its for our safety, but basically we're just late a lot more now. 

also this last week we had to go to the dentist for my companion because she has bad teeth basically is the just of it. we are going back again this week because she has to get a root canal. 

we also got to visit our investigator who just had a baby, Vickie. he is so cute! i would send the picture but i look fat in it so i wont..

in our english this friday, the girls threw us a Valentines day party. it was so cute! they also got us gifts, jewelry:) it was so nice! so even though i dont really have a valentine this year, i still got some gifts:)

we also had Stake conference this weekend too. Elder Dan Jones from the 70 came and spoke to us. the saturdaysession was about councils. and the sunday session was about temples and missions and being an example of the believers. we got to hear from The mission president and his wife, the temple president and his wife, the stake president, and Elder Jones. most of the talks were in spanish of course, so i didnt understand much, but Elder Jones was in english and they just had a translator. so it was nice i could understand!

our zone leaders have challenged us to read PMG in 2 weeks so that has been taking up all the "extra time" i have but i have learned so much and i love that book! i know that the 12 put a lot of thought and pray into it and i know its revelation from God. 

also on my mission i have come to love the Book of Mormon so much. It is amazing. I love learning from it and applying to my life and to the life of my investigators. if you are not reading it right now, DO IT. read it everyday and let it help. you will receive blessing and guidance from the Lord. Jacob 2;8. Let it heal your soul

so we have transfers next week, and im done with training! im freaking out, i dont know what im going to do with out my mom. i will most likely be staying in bear creek and hermana reese will leave because she has been here for 6 months! im nervous to see who my new companion will be. Im exciting im staying though because i know i will get at least one baptism in Bear Creek! some day.. 

im having a lot of fun, we're always busy, and my spanish is coming along day by day.
still super tired everyday of my life but that doesnt go away. love you lots! xoxo Hermana Lowry

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